The following are some awesome stories from our clients who have seen amazing results and are experiencing life changing transformation. We are so humbled to be part of their story, their success and their journey.  You guys are all so inspiring!


Every person I have met through Achieve has motivated me in their own way and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be introduced to Achieve and that I get to be part of other people reaching their goals.



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My journey through Achieve is not as dramatic as others I assume you've read about, and like me have been very impressed. For me, it really started when I was trying to workout at places like Club Fit and facilities at work.  READ MORE


I still remember how I started my adventures in running – my wife and I had just finished a dinner with a group of good friends where we had chatted about running.  As we left the restaurant, I was invited to “…come and join us for a run on Sunday – It won’t be that bad.”



My journey with achieve started just about 2 years ago when a good friend of mine invited me for a “casual” run with her running group.READ MORE

Lora and Sheri

This is Lora and Sheri, and our testimonial about discovering newfound strength, motivation, sisterhood and family through Achieve.READ MORE


My journey with Achieve started almost exactly 10 years ago.  My boss at the time was a client with Achieve and he invited Shaif to talk with our team about the studio and what it could offer.READ MORE


About 10 years ago, my wife Sabrina and I had decided that we needed to make a lifestyle change. We were both well out of university, working in sedentary office jobs and had gained a significant amount of weight. READ MORE


I was introduced to Achieve at a time when I could not walk a short gentle incline without feeling taxed and becoming out of breath. READ MORE


Before joining Achieve, I had been running consistently for quite some time and felt happy with where I was at, but knew I could improve quite bit if I was given a push. READ MORE


Training on my own for the last year, my running pace had plateaued at 6min/km. I was frustrated I wasn't getting faster, was injuring myself with my self-administered running program, and started to really hate running.  READ MORE


I have my first marathon under my belt - or actually, under my sneakers!  Woo hoo!  Marine Corps Marathon in DC on Sun 30 Oct 2016!